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About Navarro Stylists

Navarro Stylists is a prestigious beauty salon that offers the latest and best in hair and beauty treatments. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to their clients, they stand out for their commitment to style, comfort and first-class customer service.

The History of Navarro Stylists

The salon was established in the year XXXX, with a view to providing top-notch beauty and grooming services by highly skilled stylists. Since then, it has grown significantly and is now recognized as one of the premium salons in the city.


Beauty treatments

  • Facials
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Body treatments

Hair Services

  • Cutting
  • Colouring
  • Straightening
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Why Choose Navarro Stylists?

Expertise is our promise. Our team of professionals are constantly updated with the latest trends and techniques to ensure that they deliver the best results to our customers. In addition, customer satisfaction is our priority, and we take steps to ensure that our clients leave our salon feeling rejuvenated and looking fabulous.

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Contact us

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If you’re looking for a premium salon experience, call us on our number or visit our salon, and our friendly staff will be more than ready to assist you with your beauty and style needs.

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